LOUDLY is a Danish brand for girls and boys aged 6 Months to 11 Years.

LOUDLY is based north of Copenhagen and was founded in 2014 by designer Sussie Lund.

Sussie Lund is the founder and designer of LOUDLY. Sussie is born in Denmark, and she received her degree as a fashion designer from the Design Management School in Kolding, Denmark. She has worked as a designer for established Danish fashion brands.

LOUDLY is designed in Nordic colors under the high sky, and carrying on the Danish tradition of functional design – always with the children in our minds and hearts.

Sussie Lund “I know as a Mom that everyday life as a family can be busy and challenging, therefore I strive to make everyday more fun and easy by creating functional collections in high quality fabrics. Design for the everyday array of demanding activities – without the hassle of tiny buttons or zippers”.

The soft garments are made by Oeko-Tex Standard or Organic Cotton with ECO-friendly yarn and production.


Trade Shows SS19

Berlin : 25.06-29.06. in Kreuzberg

Neuss Haus Paris, Step By Step : 07.07-12.07

Kindermoden Nord Hamburg : 04.08-06.08.

To see LOUDLY in Germany contact Kids Fashion Agency at  welcome@kids-fashion-agency.de

PLAYTIME PARIS 30.06-02.07

CIFF KIDS 08.08-10.08

To see LOUDLY at Playtime Paris or CIFF Kids contact LOUDLY at info@loudly.dk